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Advantages of Membership

Membership to Global Direct Savings allows you to have additional savings on services and purchases from the GDS categories when you need them. That`s right. Even easier, everything is a click away. You will enjoy additional savings on your everyday purchases.

That is the benefit of membership. It`s like shopping at Costco, but better. The range of services and products are endless. Our advertisers see the benefits and savings for them and are happy to transfer their advertising savings to you, to gain your trust and business.

Merchants need to advertise to stay in business, and to build their business. Being part of an exclusive membership has its rewards. Costly banners, print ads are becoming a thing of the past. Catalogue shopping is now "online" catalogue shopping. Newspaper companies are trying to give away free papers. Shopping on the Internet saves advertisers large sums of money. Exclusive membership ensures those savings. Lots of bonuses and give away freebees are shared with all GDS members.

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